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The best forex trading routine ever

The Best Forex Trading Routine Ever!

You have come across trading routine right and that it is very important, so in this article, we are going to cover what really matters when establishing a proper trading routine.

A lot of traders think that trading routine is about when to check charts or when to make trading decisions and it is true, but this is simply the desired end result you have. If you say, I just want to check charts when the daily candle closes this is not a trading routine, this is the desired end result, but what you need is the process how to get to this discipline and desired result.


So after years, I have figured out how to stay very disciplined in trading and achieve the desired end goal within a few weeks.

The first thing you have to do is to recognize your destructive behaviors which cause you over trading, checking charts multiple times per day, risking too much per trade…

I assume most traders who are reading this are interested in swing trading style, so mostly Daily and Weekly timeframe. But it is hard to check charts just once per day, isn’t it?

You already know that if you trade daily timeframe it is complete nonsense to check charts multiple times per day because we just need candle close. This is what matters.

The biggest problem

From my experience, the biggest destructive behavior which leads to bad trading routine is that 99% of people check their charts on a phone right after they wake up, most likely in a bed still. This is the biggest problem and common issue I have seen among thousands of traders. The second reason is the whole morning routine process which is not in human nature favor. (rushing, stressing, not taking time for yourself, etc…)


A new day is a new birth. It is a blessing that we wake up and have another opportunity to live our life. As a human, we have an enormous creativity in the morning and willpower to make our decisions. So morning is the sweet spot if we want to change the life and make bold decisions in life. Whenever you check charts the hormone cortisol increases which increase stress. So by checking charts in the morning, you start your day with the shock to the body. It makes you unstable immediately even if you don’t feel so. This is why scalping and day trading sucks to be honest with you because you wake up and then you are under a stress for the next 4 – 8 hours non stop. Pure nonsense.

What to do?

So in a morning, we have a strong willpower which should be contained and stored by being with yourself, doing self-reflection, meditation, 5 min workout, high protein breakfast to ground you, take natural Vitamins (not synthetic ones, do a deep research). Imagine yourself like a builder of your own foundations in the first hour. The first hour of the day should be oriented exclusively to you and your inner being, to achieve stability, boldness, and curiosity which is very important in life as well. If you have kids wake up earlier.

How my trading routine looks like:

  • Wake up (around 7:00 am)
  • Quick 5-minute meditation in bed (to slowly wake up)
  • Drink 2 glasses of water
  • Take Vitamin C, E, Zinc, and Iron (reducing the tiredness, increase immune system, increase the oxygen flowing through the body)
  • Eat strong natural breakfast (eggs, avocado, often honey,…)
  • Start journaling and planning for the day (1. expressing the gratitude for the small things, 2. Setting my personal mood for the day, 3. My life focus (short), 4. Top 3 goals for the day, 5. Observations in my life, experiences, ideas,…) while drinking natural tea
  • Walking barefoot on a grass + do 5 – 10 mins body exercise
  • While outside, I express gratitude to the earth and Universum for giving us all that (Often I replenish my self with the solar energy, making my chakras shine)
  • Brushing my teeth with the opposite hand (to make my brain functioning and making more connections inside of it)
  • Making my bed (to achieve the first task of the day with success)
  • I go to my office where I meditate for 5 – 20 minutes
  • And then the day starts

All that takes from 60 – 90 minutes and then when I start the day, I don’t even feel the need to check charts after that because I am fully in control. This is how you achieve anything in life much easier.

How to become so disciplined to do all these steps naturally?

It came to me naturally. I switched to this morning routine in a one single day. So it is like 11 new habits. You would say it is impossible. I also couldn’t believe it but once I tried this morning routine for the first time and then observed my stability and state of mind through the day for the FIRST DAY, I never wanted to give that back. It is just the core of success and peacefulness in each human being.

What you also have to do along with this morning routine is to define your WHY (beyond trading). Why you are here, why do you want such a routine, what would you like accomplish in your life, be known for. Why do you trade at all? All these life questions which give you the meaning. Trading won’t give you the meaning, trading is just the tool/option which will just give you the resources to achieve your true meaning which is hidden inside of you!

And remember, just don’t check your phone in the morning, don’t reply to emails immediately. Build your day from within you, don’t be simply a responder to others needs. Take your sacred time for yourself in the morning and your trading routine will shine in weeks.

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