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The best forex trading routine ever

The Best Forex Trading Routine Ever! You have come across trading routine right and that it is very important, so in this article, we are going to cover what really matters when establishing a proper trading routine. A lot of traders think that trading routine is about when to check charts or when to make trading decisions and it is true, but this is simply the desired end result you have. If you say, I just want to check charts when [...]


How to become a profitable forex trader

How To Become a Profitable Forex Trader Understanding 3 Cs – Blueprint to success During my trading career which has started in summer 2013, I have realized what are 3 the most important mindset components to become a profitable forex trader. So we can all agree that trading is purely mindset game right, but how to put that into more context? How to become a profitable forex trader – 3Cs Here is the big question! What kind of a mindset do we need to achieve in [...]