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Our Team

Marjan Rijavec – Founder

My trading goes back into 2013 where I was looking for ways to improve my life. Trading slipped into my attention. Lucky enough, my determination paid off and after 2 years of unsuccessful trading I finally made it. Firstly as a scalper on a lower timeframes, but during the years I slowly transitioned to higher timeframe trading. Afterwards I naturally transitioned to trading purely weekly timeframe as I continue today.

Along this beautiful journey (with few painful experiences) I felt a strong need to share the simplicity of my trading style with others. And here it is Forex Swing Traders in its full clarity, stability and pure intention to provide simple way of trading to a common guy next door.

Motto: Are you in control or is trading controlling you?

About us & Vision

The biggest beauty of all is that higher timeframe trading allow us to live a normal life without stressing out, allows us to have a job or business we love, spend more time with our families, investing into things we believe are good and also to make profits in forex market.

Forex Swing Traders family want retail traders to stop changing strategy to strategy, to stop chasing lower timeframe entries and to purify the wrongly rooted perspective about trading.

Our mission is to bring simplicity, clarity and stability into the life of retail traders around the globe, by using pure price action trading on a Daily & Weekly timeframe.


Many times money being improperly traded affects the future of a person, very often losses in trading affects the life of traders family and children. Based on our experience it feels responsible from us to respond to the pandemic of chaotic traders and bring a relief, by simple yet powerful trading systems based on proper risk management which produce results.

We thrive to provide value, bring clarity and educate about reality of trading which is bright but distorted in the minds of many.

So we warmly invite you to our family where we will explore the depths together.