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Complete Wealthy Trader Program

Welcome and Congratulation for beginning a new chapter in your life and trading career.
I wish you all the best and always have in mind that you can reach me anytime! Enjoy 🙂

Wealthy Trader Program

2. What is the Wealthy Trader Program

3. What is important in trading to succeed

4. Trading and intention

5. The best way to easily overcome the pain after a loss

6. Trading and responsibility

7. Who are you and why is that important

8. Things we have to focus on in trading

9. How to keep focused in trading

10. How to find a deeper meaning in trading

11. The right inner frequency for success

12. Going Deeper

13. Being self-aware will make you or break you

14. Going Deeper part 2

15. Trading and Family (extremely crucial)

16. Trading and Food

17. The solution for unprofitable swing traders

18. Trading and Meditation

19. Environment, a way of sitting (energetic view)

20. Trading and energy body anatomy

21. The biggest hidden reason for failing (energetic) + fix

22. Energizing your trading and projects

23. How to speed up your trading success fast

24. Enhancing your prosperity flow

25. Using inner alchemy to transform your bad trading behavior rapidly (ancient method)

26. Just understand this and you will win

27. Are you ready for a 90 days challenge?

Pros and Cons of a Daily Scalper Strategy

How Daily Scalper Strategy works
(Deep understanding of human behavior)

Impulse leg and retracement explanation

How to find a setup (2 unknown things)

Preparing the tools

Why Daily Scalper actually works (deeper)

Secrets to make tons of money trading with DS

The Holy Grail of a Daily Scalper Strategy

An advanced way to trade DS Strategy

How to maximize the profits with DS Strategy

Very nice trade setup – walkthrough

What is the POWER SETUP! (the highest win ratio ever)

Power setup examples #2

Power setups examples #3

Difficult trade to handle (walkthrough)

Techniques to eliminate low quality setups

Trendline break can cause you a lot!
(be aware)

It was a good lesson…

How to Trade DS on 4 hourly timeframe – Trend Trading – plus 3 recent examples

How to trade a WEEKLY timeframe

Weekly trade example (walkthrough)

Very powerful setups (2x) – walkthrough

What affects the quality of the setup (very important)

Risk Management simplified!

Risk management with 2 trades example

Advanced risk and trade management

Deepening on karma and trading

Safety reminder for your abundance!

You are now a Graduate Wealthy Trader!

Open a demo account or small live account,
practice the Daily Scalper Strategy and
Become a profitable trader within the next 90 days!

PS.: Enjoy the simplicity of a Daily Scalper 🙂
Stay well and always reach me if you need help,

90 days forex trading challenge