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Years of experience
Maximum Drawdown
Powerful strategy

Great Vision of 2%

Passion for trading, passion for educating traders and passion for financial freedom are bringing this project into alive. According to the last 9 years of experimenting in the Forex market I found out where big institutions and banks are placing their big orders. As simple as that. These are very precise entries where market turns.

According to the calculation (average):

  • 2% profit per month bring us from 10.000€ to 1.000.000€ within 20 years.
  • 3% profit per month bring us from 10.000€ – 1.000.000€ within 13 years.
  • 4% profit per month bring us from 10.000€ – 1.000.000€ within 10 years.

The bad news? It takes time to get there and yes there might be taxes according to your law.

The good news is that we usually make more than 2% a month.

My vision is to go from 10k – 1M within 20 years, are you with me?

Example of 2% profit per month, starting with 10.000€ trading account.

Historical Trading Performance

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