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Forex Trading Academy

Highly practical, straight forward and easy to understand strategies which lead you to profitability in a short period of time.

3 Combo Strategy Video Course

Become a Highly Skilled Price Action Swing Trader
and master the art of price action using, W1, D1, H4 tf.

  • Pure Price Action Swing Trading Strategy
  • 86 step by step videos to master Price Action
  • For traders who want to become a highly skilled forex traders
  • Very good for new traders who look for a stable strategy

Simple Swing Trading Strategy

Myfxbook Verified since 2014  

Step by step process (exact entry checklist provided)

15 minutes of analysis per day

+12 hours of trading videos (86 videos)

Future FREE Course updates & upgrades

Dedicated  Support


3 Combo Strategy Characteristics

  • Technical trading 100%
  • Avoiding the news/fundamentals
  • Timeframe: Weekly, Daily, 4-hourly, (rarely hourly)
  • Trades per month: 5 – 15 (sometimes less)
  • Trading style: Swing Trading
  • Type: With the trend and against it
  • Assets: All STABLE assets (we cover that in course)
  • Average Win ratio: 48%
  • Average Risk to Reward: 1 : 2 (always positive)
  • Average risk per trade: Around 0.5% (personally)
  • Stop loss: Used 100% of the time
  • Annually % return: 8% – 15% (subjective)
  • Maximum Drawdown: Below 5% (max. faced drawdown = 2%)

Wealthy Trader Program

Become a Profitable Forex Trader within 90 days!
Complete inner transformation program

  • One setup strategy (set & forget trading)
  • Learn how to scalp using Daily Timeframe (5 mins per day)
  • Abundant Trader Mindset (deep psychology course)
  • This is an advanced course

WEEKLY Trader Program

1 Year Transformative Program
to Become a Master of Weekly Timeframe Trading

  • Trade only 15 minutes per week and be successful
  • Stress free trading
  • Complete Trading Solution for modern and busy Gentlemans, Fathers and Business owners who want to successfully trade forex

4 live trading accounts

Verified Trading Performance

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Click here to get a detailed information!

Click here to get a detailed information!

Click here to get a detailed information!

Join to our closed VIP members group with 49+ members all over the world.
Meet your trading family by joining to 3 Combo Strategy, Wealthy Trader Program or WEEKLY Trader Program Today!

Why you should trust me

Verified LIVE trading accounts since 2015 speak for themselves.
I am one of the rarest forex traders and mentors recognized by verified myfxbook platform.

Myfxbook is a 3rd party platform where traders directly link their mt4 accounts.
The results are 100% transparent.

Who is behind FST?

how to become a profitable forex trader

Marjan Rijavec is self-taught part-time forex retail trader from Slovenia, trading since 2013. He specialized in advanced technical analysis, deep understanding of price action behavior and market psychology.

He admits that for the first two years, he was struggling and lost quite some money, but since 2015 he has been trading profitably with multiple trading styles and strategies he developed. In the last year he is focusing on price action swing trading style, trading on 4 hourly, Daily and Weekly timeframe, but he started as a hardcore scalper and also generated a solid return on investment in 2015 of 29% ROI trading 1 minute charts.

Marjan is one of the rarest Trading Mentors found online, who transparently shows his trading accounts since 2014. He admits, that he is not trading extremely huge accounts, but he always says “Verified track record since 2014 simply means that, I might be doing at least something right”. Now you are the judge!

Otherwise Marjan is working as an Business Energy Consultant and Therapist, helping business owners enhance the productivity, the culture inside of the company and also help people reach their financial goals by using advanced energy techniques. He says that he is basically a bridge between Spirituality and Abundance/prosperity which is a refreshing concept.

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