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Simple Strategy

3 Combo Strategy is very simplified swing trading strategy. It takes only 15 MINUTES of analysis per day and is suitable for traders who are feeling confused. More…

Dedicated Mentoring

My core value is to take time and care for each individual! I provide you mentoring, guidance and 1on1 support along your trading journey!

Verified Track Record

If you are hungry of trading strategy and mentor with proven track record, then you are on the right place. Check below!

Welcome Trader ūüôā

Who am i?

I am just aregularhumbleguy, who knows How To Trade

More about...

Marjan Rijavec

Part Time Forex Trader and Mentor with Verified Track Record

Marjan Rijavec is self-taught part-time forex retail trader from Slovenia, trading since 2013. He specialized in advanced technical analysis, deep understanding of price action behavior and market psychology.

He admits that for the first two years, he was struggling and lost quite some money, but since 2015 he has been trading profitably with multiple trading styles and strategies he developed. In the last year he is focusing on price action swing trading style, trading on 4 hourly, Daily and Weekly timeframe, but he started as a hardcore scalper and also generated a solid return on investment in 2015 of 29% ROI trading 1 minute charts.

Marjan is one of the rarest Trading Mentors found online, who transparently shows their trading accounts since 2014. He admits, that he is not trading extremely huge accounts, but he always says “Verified track record since 2014 simply means that, I might be doing at least something right”. Now you are the judge!

3 step Transformation


Simple Swing Trading Strategy

Myfxbook Verified since 2014  

Step by step process (exact entry checklist provided)

15 minutes of analysis per day

+12 hours of trading videos (86 videos)

Future FREE Course updates & upgrades

Dedicated  Support


3 Combo Strategy Characteristics

  • Technical trading 100%
  • Avoiding the news/fundamentals
  • Timeframe: Weekly, Daily, 4-hourly, (rarely hourly)
  • Trades per month: 5 ‚Äď 15 (sometimes less)
  • Trading style: Swing Trading
  • Type: With the trend and against it
  • Assets: All STABLE assets (we cover that in course)
  • Average Win ratio: 48%
  • Average Risk to Reward: 1 : 2 (always positive)
  • Average risk per trade: Around 0.5% (personally)
  • Stop loss: Used 100% of the time
  • Annually % return: 8% – 15% (subjective)
  • Maximum Drawdown: Below 5% (max. faced drawdown = 2%)
  • Place where we talk about trading, share ideas and help each other
  • Get Trading Analysis EACH WEEK
  • Receive Trading Setups
  • Be surrounded by Mature Traders/Community

We make a Skype call where we analyze together your past trades and through observation we both identify “bad” patterns and areas to improve. I also share you my screen and explain you though process of each trade. At the end of the session we define clear goals with solutions, which you focus in the upcoming month.

Currently, FST community is closed!

” I was quiet for the first 3 years! I put in a lot of hard work and had low expectations.”


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