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Where is the problem?

The main problem is that so many traders (maybe even you) are trying to day trade while their lifestyle does not allow them that. Spending so much time while results speak for itself right?

Isn’t that alarming to you?

How long will it take you to realize that short term trading simply does not work for most? It is stressful, it is costly due to lots of commissions (which you haven’t thought about yet) and it is hard to sustain on a long run, due to human error and extreme market movements on lower timeframes.

Short term trading is like competing with the market, with yourself and everyone around.

But you know…People like action, quick trades, identification with “I AM A TRADER” and “good feeling of being a trader”. If these excites you then you are not on the right place. Kindly leave.

But if you are looking for a simple and relaxed way of trading forex by doing analysis for only 15 minutes per week and build wealth for the future? Then you are on the right place.

Explore this site and join to the program, but only if you find yourself matching with our philosophy and trading style.


Weekly Trader Program is for you:

  • If you want¬† SIMPLE & PROVEN way of trading forex market using PURE PRICE ACTION.
  • If you are BUSY but still want to PARTICIPATE in the forex market.
  • If you want to SAVE LOTS OF TIME and do what really matters.
  • If you are not achieving results yet after many years of trading (+ are sick of lower timeaframe trading) and want to become profitable by trading for ONLY 15 minutes per WEEK

Weekly Trader Program

Complete Trading Solution for modern and busy Gentlemans, Fathers and Business owners

Complete Weekly Trader Course

Simple & Time efficient way to trade

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Join to Weekly Trader Program
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Join to Transformative Weekly Trader Program
and Master The Art of Weekly Timeframe Trading
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Weekly Trader Program

Master the art of a Weekly Timeframe trading

Trade only 15 minutes per WEEK and be Highly Successful!

(this is 13 hours per year ONLY!)

When you join to the Weekly Trader Program:

  • You buy simple & proven trading strategy
  • You buy yourself a relaxed way of trading
  • You buy yourself lots of saved time


Being at peace & having lots of time it opens up lots of option to spend time in a way you really want to.