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I don’t know what you want, but I know what you NEED!

1-on-1 Mentoring INCLUDED


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We equip new trader with CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and CONSISTENCY by providing Profitable Trading Strategy and Dedicated 1-on-1 Mentoring.

“Welcome, Dear Trader at Forex Swing Traders!  My name is Marjan :)…”

“As you noticed, trading is a lonely business and I was also struggling for the first two years like 95.4% of the traders. I blew quite a few accounts and I suck at math, physics, and statistics… But still, I have achieved consistency…

The secret lays in having the right values, attitude and being highly self-aware!

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Our deepest value is being transparent and honest.
We prove that by publicly showing verified trading performance, by openly talking about the reality of trading business and communicating realistic expectations.
“Not each month is profitable you know + there is no get rich quick method in trading.”

Deep care

We purely focus on communication and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide excellent experience and feeling of uniqueness into each customer. We are willing to go against our organizational goals/interest by showing the truth and the real side of trading to the potential customer.


We deeply believe that simplicity is one of the biggest success indications and we strive to develop, present and offer simple, practical and effective trading methods and approaches in a straightforward manner.


To imprint Clarity, Confidence, and Consistency
in each Trader

Our mission is to give an opportunity to a normal, busy person with a desire to trade, to become a truly profitable trader, by providing simple and not time consumable trading solutions, with proven historical success.

This allows traders to approach the trading with full confidence and as a result, spend more time with their family, while still being active in the market and have a feeling of security, uniqueness, team spirit and dedicated support inside of the private trading community.


To be the most sincere, transparent and
human-driven forex trading community.


We fulfill 3 the most crucial elements to become a profitable trader. We give you 3Cs:


The beginnings of 3 Combo Strategy reaches back in 2013. The strategy is specifically designed to be simple and easy to execute. 15 minutes of analysis per day and simple 3 step entry checklist will take care that you will have enough time for hobbies and your lovely family.


You are sick of changing strategies and new indicators. You want to stick to one method which works. We achieve consistency by focusing on risk management and by providing unlimited support and dedicated mentoring.


Confidence is the most important ingredient to become a profitable trader. We imprint confidence in you by verified proof of success since 2014. (check below)
“If I can do it, You can do it as well!”

“Intense Scalping on the 1-minute timeframe in 2015. Powerful experience!”

“Long-term trading on a Weekly, Daily and 4-hourly timeframe”

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Having trading performance (proof of success) might sound as an essential part of forex trading mentor and IT IS. I 100% agree!

But you would be surprised how many trading mentors online is actually not trading at all…Don’t get fooled by Metatrader 4 Statements, screenshots or excel statements, they can be easily faked.

How can our proof of success benefit to you?

  • You instantly become more CONFIDENT
  • It CALMS you when times get hard


2 Steps To Become Profitable Trader Once And For ALL

1-on-1 Mentoring

Times get hard sometimes and having the right tools and PEOPLE around yourself is very essential

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Sessions (review trades together)
  • Weekly analysis videos (each Saturday)
  • Trading Signals I take (detailed step-by-step)
  • Weekly Tutorials
  • Private Journaling (share, get feedback & learn)
  • Future Courses (pssssttt….)
  • Dedicated Unlimited Mentoring (reach me anytime!)
  • Mature, kind and traders around you
  • Beyond trading (talking about passion/hobbies…)

3 Combo Strategy Course

Simple step-by-step swing trading strategy exclusively designed for busy people.

  • 86 In-depth videos (12 hours)
  • 3 Step Entry Checklist (9 sub-step – detailed)
  • 20+ Trading Setups Examples (walkthrough)
  • Course summary + psychology part
  • Future FREE Upgrades

3 Combo Strategy IN ACTION

(4-minute watch)

Experience by Michele Guenter (first student)
(Vancouver Island, Canada)

“I started participating in one-on-one mentoring with Marjan 11 months ago. Initially, I signed up with him because he seemed completely genuine, i.e. more interested in helping me become a successful trader than building his trading account through collecting mentoring fees. Through all our interactions Marjan has been completely reliable, professional, helpful and personable. He answers emails promptly and is always on time and prepared for the discussion when we have mentoring appointments. Marjan has been more than generous with his time. In addition, I’ve received weekly training videos as well as homework assignments. The videos are so packed with practical information that works that I continue to review them regularly.

Before staring mentoring with Marjan I struggled on my own for 2 years to learn Forex, spending 10 to 15 hours a week looking at charts and additional hours watching Forex videos. While I sometimes made good trades and other times made terrible trades I didn’t have a clear idea why certain trades worked and others didn’t. Through working with Marjan my understanding is improving and so are my trading results. Marjan has a well thought out and tested trading system that he teaches but he also has a clear understanding of trader development. He’s understood what I’ve needed to focus on each month so mentoring with him feels very personal.

Whether you need to improve your technical understanding or your trading psychology or both Marjan can and will help you. I think he was meant to trade and teach trading.”


Feedback from Youtube

I am ready and I want to be part of the community!

The right expectations


You will NOT become rich quick with our solutions


You will achieve long-term FINANCIAL STABILITY


You will become a CONFIDENT TRADER!
” Now it is up to YOU what is important to YOU :)”


“Hi, folks! 🙂

My name is Marjan Rijavec and I come from a small country Slovenia in Europe.
Slovenia is a beautiful country and around 70% of it is covered with NATURE! 

I believe you have already figured out that I like the nature A LOT!!!

It is so beautiful, purifying and full of energy 🙂

In nature, I find my inner peace through the meditation which is one of the biggest reasons why I figured how to become a profitable trader.

It is much more about mindset than a technical system or strategy…

To be honest with you, I am just a simple and humble guy living in a countryside near a capital city of Slovenia called Ljubljana

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“You don’t need background in finance/statistics to become profitable”

“Trading higher timeframes was one of the best decisions in my life!”

Fun fact: I always sucked at math, physics, and statistics in school…I still do. But what I was always good was being self-aware and had the desire to improve. Simple as that! 

What I love to do: Sitting in a forest and meditating is my favorite thing to do!

Interesting fact: I love to work with energies, crystals, angels and energy healing.

What I believe: I deeply believe in LOVE and human kindness. The world is GOOD!

What will save the world? Deep and Sincere UNDERSTANDING of self and others. Judging and Ego are going to be purified.

My mission: As a highly empathic person I want to teach children about their sensitivity, how to cope with it and even more importantly present them their sensitivity as a gift, which truly is. There are much more healers among us as we realize. My job is to awaken those hidden potentials and increase the vibration of the earth. Trading is just one of the biggest life projects which I have started back in 2013 and looking forward to continuing with it by trading higher timeframes.

My Personal Values are manifesting through Forex Swing Traders

About Marjan’s trading

I am self-taught part-time forex retail trader from Slovenia, trading since 2013.

I specialized in advanced technical analysis, deep understanding of price action behaviour and market psychology.

I admit…For the first two years, I was struggling and lost quite some money and blown 2 trading accounts, but since late 2014 I have been trading profitably with multiple trading styles and strategies I have developed.

Since 2016 I have been focusing on price action swing trading style, trading on 4 hourly, Daily and Weekly timeframe.

I started as a hardcore scalper which gave me a lot of experience. That happened in 2015 and I generated a solid return on investment of 29% profit trading
1-minute charts
, but I would never go back again. It is too stressful.

forex swing traders contact

“We keep things simple and effective”


We trade to ESCAPE”

We trade to maintain financial stabilitysecurity, and FREEDOM.

Our goal is not to stare at charting platform all day long and be a slave to the market. Our goal is to trade wisely! We are oriented to longer term trading.

Our approach is much more similar to investing rather than trading.

This gives us desired freedom and time for hobbies and our lovely family.

“Why would you like to trade?”


Forex Swing Traders Community is not for everybody!

“Take a pen and paper and answer with YES or NO!
(To see if you fit in)

Changing Strategies Frequently

Feel Frustrated or Alone

Feel confused while watching charts

Are not profitable YET

Want to find the right strategy once and for all

Are looking for a credible mentor and supportive people

Want to achieve clarity, consistency, and confidence

Want to take care of your own retirement

“at least 4 YESes QUALIFIES you to join us!”

(If you have less than 4 Yeses you are in a good shape, keep on pushing!)

(If you have blown 2 or more trading accounts you are immediately qualified!!!) – Reach me fast!


Are looking for quick ways to make money

Believe that each month is going to be profitable

Want to trade all the time

“If you said YES to at least one of the questions let me tell you something!

“I started trading with “get rich quick mindset” as well.
I was pushing in that direction for 2 years with hope to become a millionaire overnight.

It simply doesn’t work that way, sorry.
Get real, ground yourself, set realistic expectations, move on and take action.

I deeply understand you and I will never judge you!”
It is time to make a next bold step for your better future.
Now or never…


Forex Swing Traders is Private Trading Community with LIMITED ACCESS.

There are only 2 ways to get into the group:

  • You are invited by existing VIP member
  • You claim your seat (only 3 available seats per month)

Note: “I manually pick new members only after a friendly 1-on-1 conversation.
Mature character and attitude are musts!”

The group will be closed at some point in the time.

Hint:The goal is to make enough profitable traders and build a small hedge fund.”

“We carefully pick people who join us to maintain the quality and trustworthy.”


limited access