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A proven way how to become a CONFIDENT FOREX TRADER!

Extremely simplified swing trading strategy!

3 Combo Strategy IN ACTION

What will you LEARN

Complete Forex Basics Foundations

How to find THE BEST AREAS in the market

How To Enter A Trade PRECISELY

What makes us UNIQUE

Verified trading success by MYFXBOOK

Our STUDENTS experience

Experience by Michele Guenter (first student)
(Vancouver Island, Canada)

“I started participating in one-on-one mentoring with Marjan 11 months ago. Initially, I signed up with him because he seemed completely genuine, i.e. more interested in helping me become a successful trader than building his trading account through collecting mentoring fees. Through all our interactions Marjan has been completely reliable, professional, helpful and personable. He answers emails promptly and is always on time and prepared for the discussion when we have mentoring appointments. Marjan has been more than generous with his time. In addition, I’ve received weekly training videos as well as homework assignments. The videos are so packed with practical information that works that I continue to review them regularly.

Before staring mentoring with Marjan I struggled on my own for 2 years to learn Forex, spending 10 to 15 hours a week looking at charts and additional hours watching Forex videos. While I sometimes made good trades and other times made terrible trades I didn’t have a clear idea why certain trades worked and others didn’t. Through working with Marjan my understanding is improving and so are my trading results. Marjan has a well thought out and tested trading system that he teaches but he also has a clear understanding of trader development. He’s understood what I’ve needed to focus on each month so mentoring with him feels very personal.

Whether you need to improve your technical understanding or your trading psychology or both Marjan can and will help you. I think he was meant to trade and teach trading.”


how to become a profitable forex trader
how to become a profitable forex trader

“Hi, My name is Marjan and I am from Slovenia. I am profitable forex trader specialized in the advanced technical analysis since 2014.”

VERY IMPORTANT Personal message

“Losing money by changing strategies is not helping you…

So, stop losing money once and for all, for god sake…


I will not teach you how to become rich overnight, it doesn’t exist, but

I am going to teach you how to trade safely and with full confidence!

At least you will stop losing money as you do right now…


Choose simple swing trading strategy with verified past success

and achieve

Clarity, Consistency, and Confidence.

Become a PROFITABLE TRADER already!”

70€ – One Time Payment

7 days money back guarantee