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3 Combo Strategy Video Course

Become a Master of Forex Price Action Trading

3 Combo Strategy Course

3 Combo Strategy Video Course
Get 86 step by step videos and Master Price Action Trading

2019/11/24 00:00:00

***30 days money back guarantee***

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1-on-1 mentoring session
(1 hour via skype)

MyFxbook Verified Strategy – since 2014

(no BS, no fake mt4 screenshots, no fake testimonials!)

3 Combo Strategy Course INSIGHT

3 Combo Strategy Course DETAILS  (86 videos)

You will learn : 35 min

  • Introduction video
  • What is Price Action
  • Two main market ingredients
  • What is Trend
  • What is Confirmed Trend
  • How to Identify It (simple way!)
  • What type of trends we know
  • What is the best type of trend to trade + why!
  • What is Consolidation
  • What type of Consolidations we know
  • What is Confirmed Consolidation
  • What is actually VALID BREAKOUT
    (very important!)

You will learn : 25 min

  • Multi timeframe analysis
  • Two steps to enter a trade
  • First step explanation + example
  • Second step explanation + example
  • Scheme of our perfect setup
  • Recap

Higher timeframe analysis – 20 mins

  • Introduction
  • What is Sweet Spot
  • How to find the right timeframe
  • What is obvious swing
  • Recap

Structures – 41 mins

  • Introduction to structures
  • How to draw structures
  • The best way to use structures (2 ways)
  • A lot of examples (drawing structures)
  • What if two structures are very close together
  • How to draw structures + context

Trendlines – 35 mins

  • What are trendlines
  • The most important characteristics of good trendline
  • How to use trendlines and how not to
  • How trendlines helps us identify market formation
  • Trendline examples

Moving Averages – 46 min

  • Introduction to Moving Averages
  • Very important rule when trading with EMAs
  • How to use moving averages
  • How EMAs help us identify market dynamics
  • Two ways how to use Moving Average (+examples)
  • What is bad moving average (how not to use it)
  • Double moving average Trick (superb!)

Bounce or break (BB) – 18 min

  • What is bounce or break method
  • A lot of examples of BB method

Context – 36 min

  • Introduction to the Context with example
  • 3 Crucial elements to for good Context
  • Reason why so many Traders FAIL + Solution!
  • Buy low and sell high example
  • Trend reading step by step video

Current candle pattern – 33 min

  • Everything you need to know about candle patterns
  • Don’t just blindly trade candle patterns, do THIS!
  • In depth example 1
  • In depth example 2
  • My favorite candle pattern – In depth price action reading

Step by step process of analysis video (confusion relief) 14 min

Lower timeframe in depth – 22 min

  • What to do on H4/H1 timeframe
  • What type of consolidations we know
  • Timeframe alignment and conflict
  • Examples
  • More examples

The ONE and ONLY Trading Setup – 9 min

  • Introduction to our trading setup
  • About powerful areas

Entries, stop loss, take profits and management – 71 min

  • When and where to put entry, stop loss and take profit
  • Examples, examples, examples
  • When to cancel pending order
  • Two stop loss placements
  • Advanced Take profit method
  • What to do if you miss a trade + how to re-enter
  • Double break entry method (powerful!)

Risk management – 19 min

  • How much to risk per trade
  • How to define the quality of trading setup
  • How to define risk very precisely
  • Keep it simple

Final Tips, Tricks and Examples – 300 min

  • Trading with the trend and against it – Blueprint
  • Divergence + Exhaustion waves
  • 16 Final tips which I learned in the last 5 years
  • Traders TOOLKIT
  • 3 combo strategy course.pdf (summary)
  • Perfect setup examples images
  • 3 Step Trade Entry Checklist
  • 9 Step Trade Entry Checklist (detailed)
  • Psychology part (in pdf)
  • 16 Trade Examples (images to print)
  • 20 Trade Walk through Examples Videos (in depth)

5 Benefits of 3 Combo Strategy

Simple to Understand

Simple 3 step process to enter!

Verified Trading Performance

Learn from credible source

15 minutes of analysis per day

Spend more time with family!

Huge risk to reward ratio trades

Banks stop loss placements & smart trailing

Capital Management

Suitable even for large accounts

Have more Questions?

  • Technical trading 100%
  • Avoiding the news/fundamentals
  • Timeframe: Weekly, Daily, 4-hourly, (rarely hourly)
  • Trades per month: 5 – 15 (sometimes even less)
  • Trading style: Swing Trading
  • Type: With the trend and against it
  • Assets: All STABLE assets (we cover that in course)
  • Average Win ratio: 48%
  • Average Risk to Reward: 1 : 2 (always positive)
  • Average risk per trade: Around 0.5% (personally)
  • Stop loss: Used 100% of the time
  • Annually % return: 8% – 15% (subjective)
  • Maximum Drawdown: Below 5% (max. faced drawdown = 2%)

Simple, I truly care about each individual and I have verified trading performance since 2014.

Good question ? 3 Combo Strategy is Price Action Swing Trading Strategy, trading Four Hourly to Weekly timeframe. Purely TECHNICAL trading, trading with the trend, but sometimes also going against the market as well!

Yes! 3 Combo Strategy respects the core principles of market dynamics, which are very similar for all the assets.

Definitely, 3 Combo Strategy is designed to be simple to understand and execute day in and day out. In the course you are guided step by step. There is plenty of trading examples in video format inside of the course, so you will really master it.

No, not at all. You can trade with as low as 200$, while having a huge stop loss. In the course itself, there is a specific video just about that, under Risk Management.

I understand you! Maybe you are in trading for a few years already, but still not achieving consistency right? Your knowledge is welcomed and 3 Combo Strategy will just make you sharper and cut through the noise of your current trading activities and behaviors.

Of course! The strategy is designed to have a lot of free time, because we trade with pending orders. We set an order at the morning or evening and that’s it. It seriously takes 15 minutes per day. But to get to 15 minutes per day, it takes some time firstly. This is where Trading Room and 1-on-1 mentoring boost that process.

If I wouldn’t have verified track record I would practice refunds definitely. But because you have a proof of success since 2014 in front of you, I allow myself to deny refunds.

The Process is simple:

  1. You successfully complete the payment
  2. You will be  redirected to REGISTER ACCOUNT page (to access the course)
  3. After registration, I will personally accept your account and reach you through the email (in max. 24 hours)
  4. You will be invited to Private Trading Room (Slack) by email
  5. We will schedule our first 1-on-1 meeting and create a plan for upcoming month.

Testimonial by Michele Guenter (first student)
(Vancouver Island, Canada)

“I started participating in one-on-one mentoring with Marjan 11 months ago. Initially, I signed up with him because he seemed completely genuine, i.e. more interested in helping me become a successful trader than building his trading account through collecting mentoring fees. Through all our interactions Marjan has been completely reliable, professional, helpful and personable. He answers emails promptly and is always on time and prepared for the discussion when we have mentoring appointments. Marjan has been more than generous with his time. In addition, I’ve received weekly training videos as well as homework assignments. The videos are so packed with practical information that works that I continue to review them regularly.

Before staring mentoring with Marjan I struggled on my own for 2 years to learn Forex, spending 10 to 15 hours a week looking at charts and additional hours watching Forex videos. While I sometimes made good trades and other times made terrible trades I didn’t have a clear idea why certain trades worked and others didn’t. Through working with Marjan my understanding is improving and so are my trading results. Marjan has a well thought out and tested trading system that he teaches but he also has a clear understanding of trader development. He’s understood what I’ve needed to focus on each month so mentoring with him feels very personal.

Whether you need to improve your technical understanding or your trading psychology or both Marjan can and will help you. I think he was meant to trade and teach trading.”


The goal of this course…

is to make you a profitable trader within a short period of time, by truly understanding the core fundamentals of the price action. The 3 Combo Strategy is based on a deep understanding of traders psychology and behavior presented in a simple way. The core of 3 Combo Strategy is to become really a Master of Price Action, that means you become highly skilled at Technical analysis.

3 Combo Strategy Video Course
Get 86 step by step videos and Master Price Action Trading

***247€ – High value offer***
(1-on-1 mentoring included)

2019/11/17 00:00:00

***30 days money back guarantee***

***FREE Bonus***
1-on-1 mentoring session
(1 hour via skype)