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Dear Trader,

Welcome to the peaceful side of forex trading.

You are probably here because you are somehow tired of lower timeframe trading, maybe you are tired of jumping from one strategy to another. Or you might even burnt few trading accounts and you are now looking for a real change.

Are you looking for stable, simple and profitable way of trading which takes just few minutes per day or even only once a week?

Please, kindly answer. If Yes, then…

We happily invite you to our facebook group family of forex swing traders where we utilize the power of Daily and Weekly price action in a very simple manner. Feel free to learn from us and patiently transform your trading.

Forex Swing Traders will provide you with many helpful resources, tips and heartful people which will help you grow as a trader.

Allow the transformation to begin.

Forex Trading Simplified

Our trading methodology is based around each individual. It is based on persons lifestyle. That means that we do not depreciate a quality of our lives for trading, but we help to integrate trading into the reality of a trader. Escaping from our own issues with trading is not going to work.

How we do it?

Firstly we take a look at lifestyle of a trader and then we see how much time, emotional & mental stamina each individual has. Then we accordingly direct a person towards trading whether DAILY charts or WEEKLY charts only.

In both cases we use purely price action technical analysis which make our work very clean, precise and smooth. Our trading strategy is also often called “common sense trading” where we predict what is the most probable price action movement in the upcoming days or weeks for a particular pair.

We do not out smart or over analyze charts as this brings confusion.

We trade only clean charts and we are strict with that.